Virtuelna realnost u igrama

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Meho Krljic:
Valve Index Is Luxurious, But A Hassle

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what really grabbed me is that I had hands. Fully-functional hands. The Valve Index controllers, known as the “knuckles” controllers during development, track each individual finger on your hands. They’re a million times more ergonomically friendly than the controllers that came with Valve’s previous headset, Vive. You don’t have to grip the controllers at all times. They’re lightly affixed to your hands, leaving your fingers free to open and close. With the controllers resting in your palms you can move your fingers as you please, and in Hand Lab, they react accordingly.

This is a game changer. Hands are the main means by which human beings interact with the world, but video games generally deprive us of direct tactile interaction, because that doesn’t translate well to traditional controllers. And while the Vive’s controllers were often used to simulate hands, they didn’t give you functional fingers, so they just felt like two big meaty cursors affixed to your character’s wrist stumps. The Oculus Touch controller lets you point with your index finger, but you still have to hold the controller with the other three. The Index controllers, then, open up a whole new world of possibilities.

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Meho Krljic:
Eurogamer ponekad zna da nas obraduje ovako metikuloznim napisima:

Why researchers are using rats to work out whether there's a link between VR and dementia   

Meho Krljic:
Ne striktno "u igrama" ali dovoljno blizu:
 Mother Reunited With Deceased Daughter In VR Show 

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Were this something that could have been done behind closed doors then maybe we could (and now will have to) argue the psychological and ethical merits of such an exercise. But putting it on TV, and then the internet, for the world to see? Whatever the long-term moral and ethical questions are that we’re going to have to face, this is extremely fucked up.

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Meho Krljic:
Half-Life: Alyx izlazi 23. Marta, pa, eto, imate još mesec dana i nešto malo jače da kupite taj prokleti VR set i jači PC. Dan pre toga izlazi Doom Eternal a za njega vam treba samo srce u junaka, podsećam.  :lol:

Tex Murphy:
Ако може један врло кратак дајџест за нас који појма немамо о свему томе, а мрско нам је да читамо детаље - колико је уопште та ВР технологија узнапредовала, постоји ли систем у којем може да се ужива без превеликих патњи за очи/тикву/стомак и колика је цијена тог система? :-)


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