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--- Quote from: Labudan on 11-01-2023, 14:41:01 ---Drmnuo hemomicin, neće da škodi.

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1 hemomicin 1 probiotik i posle 10 god ti bude boljeee

i onda kupim ricinusovo ulje!

Meho Krljic:
 China reports 60,000 COVID-related deaths, says peak passed 

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China on Saturday reported nearly 60,000 deaths in people who had COVID-19 since early December, offering hard numbers for an unprecedented surge that was apparent in overcrowded hospitals and packed crematoriums, even as the government released little data about the status of the pandemic for weeks.
Those numbers may still underestimate the toll, though the government said the “emergency peak” of its latest surge appears to have passed.
The toll included 5,503 deaths due to respiratory failure caused by COVID-19 and 54,435 fatalities from other ailments combined with COVID-19 since Dec. 8, the National Health Commission announced. It said those “deaths related to COVID” occurred in hospitals, which means anyone who died at home would not be included in the numbers.

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Meho Krljic:
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  FDA vaccine advisers ‘disappointed’ and ‘angry’ that early data about new Covid-19 booster shot wasn’t presented for review last year

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 Some vaccine advisers to the federal government say they’re “disappointed” and “angry” that government scientists and the pharmaceutical company Moderna didn’t present a set of infection data on the company’s new Covid-19 booster during meetings last year when the advisers discussed whether the shot should be authorized and made available to the public.
 That data suggested the possibility that the updated booster might not be any more effective at preventing Covid-19 infections than the original shots.

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Kao da je ljudima trebalo JOŠ razloga da ne veruju velikoj farmi i vakcinama...

Meho Krljic:
WHO abandons plans for crucial second phase of COVID-origins investigation


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