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Dogodilo se! Meso iz laboratorije!

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Meho Krljic:
Hampton Creek is now growing its own meat in labs—and it says it will get to stores first

Meho Krljic:
Move Over, Impossible Burger: Lab-Grown Meat Will Overtake Plants by 2040

--- Quote ---The research, from consultancy firm AT Kearney, finds that meat grown in a lab from cells will ultimately become more popular than vegetarian food that replicates the taste of animal products. By then, most of the world’s burgers will be entirely meat-free.

--- End quote ---

Meho Krljic:
The $280,000 lab-grown burger could be a more palatable $10 in two years

Ovo bi trebalo da bude ukusno...

Meho Krljic:
Lab cultured 'steaks' grown on an artificial gelatin scaffold


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