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Васа С. Тајчић:

--- Quote from: Truman on 02-10-2017, 20:06:20 ---uzivaj!

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Хвала лепо, исто ми је пожелео и продавац.

Hvala, Stajčiću.

Васа С. Тајчић:  xcheers Не питам за цену.

Васа С. Тајчић:
Надам се да ћу у неком разумном року добити издање директно од издавача. На жалост, слика и звук нису какви би требало да буду:

--- Quote ---Unreleased in any official form outside of its native land apart from poor gray market sources, A Holy Place comes to 1080p24 MPEG-4 AVC 1.37:1 pillarboxed fullscreen Blu-ray in unrestored form with a litany of vertical scratches at the beginnings of each reels and intermittently throughout, and the blacks are not particularly well-delineated between clothing and shadows, suggesting that Serbian film archiving is as inconsistent as the Czech; however, it is the only official way to see it and a certain upgrade from the boots.

A Holy Place's LPCM 2.0 Serbo-Croat mono track is presumably from the film source used for the image. Although it has likely undergone some digital clean-up, the digital track could not quite do away with all of the signs of its age and damage to the optical track (more noticeable because the sound design is rather spare, consisting mainly of dialogue, the synthesizer score, and effects with little ambience. Optional English subtitles appear free of errors.
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Васа С. Тајчић:

--- Quote from: Labudan on 01-07-2017, 13:02:36 ---Kadijević je većinom snimao TV filmove, ne očekuj blurejove, a pun youtube njegovih radova, uključujući Leptiricu.

Sumnjam da možeš bolji snimak naći, ali ako to tražiš uvijek ima domaćih sajtova za download, npr fastserbia.

Što ne znači da ćeš naći bolji kvalitet od youtube-a.

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Очекујте неочекивано.


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