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bas mi je nena pricala o tome... jedan korak pogrešan - belaj! uvijek je to tako bilo.
ali opet ne zaboravimo da je mnogo starih ljudi koji jedva hodaju i onako ,
pa mnogi umiro od infarkta,moždanih udara i tako to!!
A dosta njih starijih kad idu tamo mole da i umru tamo !
A neka ih Allah nagradi!

LAKE BUTLER, Fla. - A car full of siblings headed home was crushed between a truck and a stopped school bus, killing the seven adopted children just two miles from where they lived.

Investigators were trying to understand why the driver of a truck hit the car from behind, pushing it in to the bus that was carrying nine students.

Everyone in the car was killed Wednesday, including the 15-year-old girl who was driving illegally. Tina Mann told CNN that her niece, who had a learner's permit, had dropped off another child and was taking her siblings home "to get ready to go to church."  :(

"Even though she was an underage driver, it's my understanding she did not cause the accident," Mann told CNN. "The same thing would have happened had there been an adult in the car with her. We'd just have one more death in the family."

The victims in the car were identified by authorities as 15-year-old driver Nicki Mann; Elizabeth Mann, 15; Johnny Mann, 13; Heaven Mann, 3; Ashley Kenn, 13; Miranda Finn, who was either 8- or 9-years-old; and Anthony Lamb, who was almost 2 years old.

Po trenutnom materijalno/ateističkom shvatanju smrt je kraj postojanja. U tom sistemu verovanja svi slučajni događaji su zaista slučajni i nasumični i u njima nema nikakvog drugog značenja. I to je sve u redu. Čak i u takvom sistemu mora da postoji ideal, odnosno nešto što nam je vrednije od nas samih, inače se sistem prirodno raspada na podsisteme sa podidealima. Malo divergiram, ne obazirite se.

Po trenutnom duhovno/religioznom shvatanju smrt je samo jedan trenutak, prelaz iz jednog stanja u drugo. U tom sistemu verovanja nisu baš svi slučajni događaji tako nasumični, nego postoji viša sila koja upravlja našim sudbinama, i za koju pretpostavljamo da je dobronamerna prema ljudima i kao čovečanstvu, i kao pojedincima. I to je isto tako u redu, i to je ideal takvog sistema. Treba samo imati na umu da smrt nije ni "gubitak" ni "nepravda" za onoga ko je doživljava. Naša je greška što je tako doživljavamo, a ne našeg tvorca.

MANILA, Philippines - A stampede broke out early Saturday outside a stadium near Manila where thousands had lined up to watch to watch a popular game show, and at least 66 people were trampled to death, an official said.

About 30,000 people were waiting to get inside the stadium to watch the show when the mayhem erupted, said Vicente Eusebio, the mayor of Pasig, the Manila suburb where the stampede occurred. He said at least 66 people died — all but three of them women.

Dozens of injured were rushed to hospitals, which quickly became overwhelmed and began using parking lots to accommodate them, Radio DZBB reported.

Merquieades Salazar cried over the body of his wife, who was among those crushed. Salazar, 45, said the couple was jobless and wanted to try their luck at winning a raffle with a jackpot equivalent to $384.

"In the desire to win money, she is the one I lost," Salazar sobbed as he stroked his dead wife's hair.

"We both fell and we were both pinned to the ground," he said.

It was not immediately clear what caused the stampede.

Lito Vergel de Dios, executive director of Metro Manila Development Authority, told a Manila radio station that one witness said somebody in the crowd shouted there was a bomb, but there was no sign of any explosion.

Other witness accounts carried by Manila radio said the stampede erupted when guards refused to open the gates to the stadium, causing pushing and shoving among the crowd.

Authorities were collecting the dead and lining up the bodies on the side of a street outside the stadium for identification as bags and shoes lay scattered outside the hall.

Police Superintendent Gerry Galvan said at least 50 people died at the stadium and the rest at hospitals where they were taken.

People had lined up for two days to get tickets for the show, organized by ABS-CBN TV.

"There were so many people, but they did not want to open the gate and two of our companions died," a weeping woman told DZBB radio outside the stadium.



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