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Ugly MF:
zaebo se...

10 Horrifying Technologies That Should Never Be Allowed To Exist

Ne bih kopirao ceo tekst, zato evo samo spiska taksativno:

1. Weaponized Nanotechnology
2. Conscious Machines
3. Artificial Superintelligence
4. Time Travel
5. Mind Reading Devices
6. Brain Hacking Devices
7. Autonomous Robots Designed to Kill Humans
8. Weaponized Pathogens
9. Virtual Prisons and Punishment
10. Hell Engineering

Stories to make you think big

"The new sci-fi anthology Hieroglyph: Stories & Visions for a Better Future has a dual mission: entertain and inspire a new generation of scientists and engineers to think big. Cyberpunk author Neal Stephenson talks about his contribution, a story about building a 20-kilometer-tall tower that scrapes the stratosphere. Structural engineer Keith Hjelmstad weighs in on how we could make it happen. (Read an excerpt from the book here.)"

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Zar smo se za ovakvu budućnost borili?  :lol: :lol: :lol:


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