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ВОСТОЧНИ космодром
« on: 16-02-2016, 21:21:16 »
Читам овај подфорум и ниђе не виђех за Восточни… То је по мени можда најважнији пројекат космонаутике за човјечанство у 21. вијеку, наравно ако га спрведу како су планирали. За сада ево снимак из 2010 -

Како ових дана изгледа из ”дрона” -

У априлу прво лансирање Сојуза -

А за двије године Ангара, па Федерација, па Мјесец, па станице на Мјесецу па идемо на марс идемо на марс  :|

Ево и сајт космодрома…
лажни профил

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Re: ВОСТОЧНИ космодром
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Despite lean space budgets Russia is headed for the moon

Thanks to the collapse of oil prices that has ravaged the Russian economy, dependent as it is on fossil fuel exports, Russia’s space program is facing draconian budget cuts. Vladimir Putin’s imperial adventures in the Ukraine and the Middle East are consuming a great portion of the Russian Federation’s national budget. Russia is also due to lose a source of income when NASA shifts its astronauts from Soyuz spacecraft to commercial crew vehicles in a couple of years. Still, the country that lost the race to the moon still has ambitious plans for Earth’s closest neighbor, according to Science Magazine. The Russians even have hopes of landing cosmonauts on the lunar surface by the end of the 2020s.
First, though, a series of five robotic probes is planned, started in 2018 with the last scheduled for 2025. The first three are being conducted in partnership with the European space agency.
In 2018, if all goes well, Luna-25 will land near the lunar south pole, testing soft landing technologies.
Luna-26 will follow in 2020, consisting of an orbiter that will contain a neutron detector that will map subsurface ice.
2021 will see a return to the moon’s south pole with Luna-27. The probe will contain a drill that will bore a meter into the regolith to take samples.
Luna-28 will be a sample return mission and will launch in 2023.
Finally, Luna-29 will land a rover on the lunar surface. The mission is said to set the stage for the first crewed mission to the lunar surface and the eventual establishment of a moon base.
That Russia is still interested in the moon despite the lean budgets that its space program has to deal with is telling. China and the Europeans are also focused on the moon, with plans to eventually send people.
The odd man out, as it were, is NASA, which has officially foresworn the moon due to a directive by President Obama. The American space agency is focused on the Journey to Mars program. However, a number of private companies, such as Moon Express, are interested in going to Earth’s neighbor to exploit its vast mineral wealth. Also, the betting is among space policy circles is that the next president will likely put the moon back on NASA’s agenda. 

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Re: ВОСТОЧНИ космодром
« Reply #3 on: 12-10-2018, 05:09:03 »
Ovo juče sa Sojuzom je bilo dramatično. Sreća da se dobro završilo:


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