Author Topic: Japan Media Arts Festival je odredio nagrade za 2009.  (Read 5911 times)

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Najveći japanski festival koji promoviše modernu kulturu obelodanio je nagrade u svim svojim kategorijama za 2009. Festival je širokog obima i bavi se i modernim vizuelnim i interaktivnim umetnostima, ali ja ću se ovde baviti samo animacijom i stripom. Učešće stranaca je takođe dozvoljeno i često su zastupljeni u animaciji i lepim umetnostima, ali ne sećam se da sam ih ikad video u stripu (well, ako ne računamo ovog Tajlanđanina ove godine).

Animation Division

Grand Prize:

SUMMER WARS (film) - Mamoru Hosoda

It is three years since The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, a very well received work, made its long run, and instantly turned the spotlight on the director, HOSODA Mamoru. This work is the latest that the director has presented to the public. Former staff members came together again to collaborate with the director and make an action-entertainment film featuring a big family. The film became a mega-hit, attracting more than a million viewers.

Excellence Prize

IN THE ATTIC (film) - Jiri Barta (Češka republika)

The creator’s latest work depicts an imaginary world of junk which lies in an attic forgotten by humans. Pomnenka is a sweet, popular female doll, but she is tomboyish enough to fight a bad guy, and is targeted by the chief villain, Hlava. This is how the story starts. When their peaceful everyday life is threatened, Pomnenka’s funny friends embark on a desperate adventure....

TOKYO MAGNITUDE 8.0 (TV) - Masaki Tachibana

During their summer holiday, Miku, a 13-year-old girl, visits Odaiba in Tokyo with her 9-year-old brother, Yuuki, when a massive magnitude-8.0 earthquake of hits the mega-city! People are driven to despair at the sight of the ruined city…. By chance, the children run into Mari, a single mother and bicycle messenger, and join her. The three set out for their respective homes, where their families might be waiting. Will they really be able to see their loved ones again?

THE CABLE CAR (kratka animacija) - Claudius Gentinetta, Frank Braun (Švajcarska)

While travelling by cable car to a place somewhere in the mountains, an old man treats himself to some snuff. Et voilà! With every sneeze the cable car cabin falls apart more and more. The man, however, is far from accepting his fate, just like that.

ELEMI (kratka animacija) - Hideto Nakata

This stop-motion animation depicts the romance and struggle of a telephone pole standing in a downtown area. The texture of its images, produced painstakingly over months and years by hand, its moving music, and its story, at the same time somehow nostalgic and painful, all contribute to the tenderness and warmth of the work.

Encouragement Prize

ANIMAL DANCE (kratka animacija) - Ryo Okawara

This hand-drawn animation depicts the dynamism of life. All the motions and actions of living are treated as dancing, and synchronized with music. The work makes full use of the characteristics of flat animation such as visualization and linkage of images, and metamorphosis of form.

Preporučeni radovi (duža animacija: film, TV, OVA):

Oblivion Island:Haruka and the Magic MirrorShinsuke SATOfilm
Sweet Blue FlowersKenichi KASAITV
Nodame Cantabile PariChiaki KONTV
Xam'd:LostMemoriesMasayuki MIYAJITV
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Re: Japan Media Arts Festival je odredio nagrade za 2009.
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Manga Division

Grand Prize:

VINLAND SAGA - Makoto Yukimura

This historical manga portrays the way of life of the Vikings in and around northern Europe in the early 11th century. Thorffin, the hero, travels to find Vinland, the promised land of rest and fertility, while spending his life on the battlefield. Will the war ever end? Will the days of rest ever come? This manga gathers together the threads of a true warrior’s story.

Excellence Prize:

IMURI - Ranjo Miyake

The governing race, the Karma froze the planet Roon as a result of war and emigrated to a neighboring planet. Four-thousand years later, the ice covering Roon started melting and the Karma began migrating back to Roon. This is a heroic fantasy that portrays the young boy, Dulk, who gains the power of wonder sealed in the darkness of history, and comes face-to-face with his destiny.

CHILDREN OF THE SEA - Daisuke Igarashi

The heroine, Ruka, who was banned from taking part in the activities of her club during the summer vacation, meets a strange boy named Umi. She is fascinated by Umi, who she sees swimming freely in an aquarium, and finds out that he, along with Sora, was raised by a dugong. At that time a meteorite fell into the ocean and all the fish disappeared from the world. The mystery of the ocean deepens and the story spreads to encompass the life of the earth.


This work is something like a sequel to her outstanding work, YUNAGI no MACHI, SAKURA no KUNI. This is the story of a family set during the Second World War in the city of Kure, Hiroshima. The heroine is URANO Suzu, who was born in the fishing town in Hiroshima. She marries HOJO Shusaku, a naval officer living in the uptown area of Kure city. Though confused by her new family, new town and new world, she lives with a sense of certainty and intense effort.

HYOUGE MONO - Yoshihiro Yamada

The warlord FURUTA Oribe served ODA Nobunaga and TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi during the Era of the Warring States. This story is about his desire, success and possession. Set during the fighting among warlords and conspiracy to gain power, this story places greater emphasis on examples of beauty and culture as the Way of Tea, tea utensils and architecture. “Hyogeru,” in the title of this story, means “to act jokingly” or “clown around.”

Encouragement Prize:

HESHEIT AQUA - Wisut Ponnimit (Tajland)

Thai comic author PONNIMIT Wisut, a.k.a. Tam-kun, has been drawing this story since his debut in 1998. This is a Japanese translation of 11 short stories from eight volumes already published in Thailand, as well as the author’s inside story, and commentary. It’s freely drawn without being bounded by genres, themes or number of pages.

Preporučeni radovi (story manga):

Aoi HonooKazuhiko SHIMAMOTO
5 minutes from the stationFusako KURAMOCHI
Oyasumi Pun PunInio ASANO
To Kamuroba VillageMikio IGARASHI
Kawachi Haruka Jidai Tanpenshu ChiruhiHaruka KAWACHI
Kino Nani Tabeta?Fumi YOSHINAGA
Samurai KidHisashi SEKIYA
Shojo MangaNaoko MATSUDA
Robot KoyukiYoshiie GOUDA
The EveTobira ODA
Soredemo Machi wa Mawatte IruMasakazu ISHIGURO
Natsume Yujin ChoYuki MIDORIKAWA
baio no mokushirokuDaijirou MOROHOSHI
Round'boutPeko Watanabe

Postoje i preporuke vezane za 'frame'-mange, web-mange, mange za mobilne telefone, itd, ali i ovo je bilo dosta...  xsleep2
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Re: Japan Media Arts Festival je odredio nagrade za 2009.
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Re: Japan Media Arts Festival je odredio nagrade za 2009.
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Što se tiče mangi, retka je pojava da se većina nagrađenih na festivalu može naći na engleskom, u ovom ili onom obliku. Viz već neko vreme izdaje Igarašijevu Decu mora, a Vinland Saga i Hyouge Mono su stari poznanici skenlacijskih krugova.

Međutim, Imuri je izgleda jedna od najbolje čuvanih manga-tajni. Ja sam čuo za tu seriju, još pre par godina kada sam našao prevod kritike iz Comic Guide-a Asahi Shimbuna:

Article by critic Minami Nobunaga

Inserted into this tankouban are an introduction to the characters, a rough outline of the class system, and a glossary of terms. As this would suggest, this is a tale endowed with a world that is very grand and complex.

During the ancient wars, the Karma people immigrated from the frozen star Rune to its neighboring star, Mage. They possess the power to manipulate the life energy called “Iris” and have built a rigidly class-based society with the “Sages” at the top. In recent years, no children have been born on Mage, and the number of people returning to thawing Mage is increasing. In the middle of this is Iris-user Cadet Derick, of the ruling class; recognized as having extraordinary ability, he is returning to Rune as a student representative. But on Rune, the power struggle between the military and the Iris-users is intensifying…

So, even the outline of the introduction is complicated. There’s no denying that the first part is difficult to get into and that the character introduction is complex, with a relatively large number of people to recognize in this installment. But, with its riddle-within-riddle organization and tension-filled development, the manga’s introduction provides a way of invading the world of the book, grabbing the readers’ attention so that by the time they finish reading volume 1, they will not be able to help reaching for the simultaneously-released volume 2.

The author is known as a genius for works like the Buddhist comedy series Bussen and the supernatural suspense series Petto. Comedy or serious, these books strongly reflect on the nature of the relationships between the weak and the strong, the dependent and the powerful. This book is no exception. The sensitivity of the psychological depictions in this marvelous tale reveals a unique eye. This may be a story about an alien world, but it is still a story about the actions of human beings like ourselves.

Zadržao sam to u glavi, ali sam nekako uvek gurao na stranu, oslobađajući put prioritetima. Sad vidim da je izašlo 6 tomova do danas. Možda je vreme za ispravku liste prioriteta.

"I call this interesting effluvia synergy! A distillation of poison and malice bound to an artificial will by a pseudo-life!"