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For the present, the point of interest is that everywhere on the Earth today chemical power is available and in most places a fire can be lit. Indeed, it would require only an increase of about 4 per cent in the atmospheric level of oxygen to bring the world into danger of conflagration. At 25 per cent oxygen level even damp vegetation will continue to burn once combustion has started, so that a forest fire started by a lightning flash would burn fiercely till all combustible material was consumed. Those science fiction stories of other worlds with bracing atmospheres due to the richer oxygen content are fiction indeed. A landing of the heroes' spaceship would have destroyed the planet.

Meho Krljic:
World's richest 1% emit as much carbon as bottom two-thirds: report
Naravno, ovo možda nije sasvim tačno ali, nije da nije indikativno.


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