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--- Quote from: "iNCUBUs" ---Video sam ovo, to je samo stampa na suknjama, nisu stvarno providne :)
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Je l' se ti salis ili si ozbiljan?

That's just thong: The "latest Japanese fashion craze" not all it's cracked up to be
-- It's Out There: Some people will buy anything
Misty Harris
The Edmonton Journal

"See-through skirts? Talk about cheeky fashion. But the photos shown here are not what they seem. The panties and outline of each wearer's bottom are actually silkscreened onto the skirts, a trend that's all the rage in Tokyo. So says the e-mail that arrived this week at ed HQ, a doozy that began making the rounds early last month.

The Sunday Mail, Queensland, Australia's top-selling newspaper, latched onto the bizarre story for its Feb. 16 edition, touting the skirts as "the latest Japanese fashion craze." The article gave no mention of where to buy the skirts or who manufactures them. In fact, the only source quoted was, a Web site discussing youth fashion in Japan's capital. Not that the reporter bothered to talk to anyone at KidTokyo. "(The story) referenced my Web site, but I didn't know anything about these skirts," says Web master Eric Trammell. "I think the whole thing is amusing, but at the same time, it's alarming so many people are e-mailing me wanting to purchase these skirts."

Trammell's site -- which is actually based in Florida -- had to be temporarily shut down after being flooded with questions about the Japanese skirts. Even manufacturers, most of whom have commercial interests in the skirts, have been hounding him for information. "I wasn't surprised (about the skirts), given the eccentric nature of modern Japanese fashion," Trammell tells ed. "They're actually very tame compared to some of the trends that come and go." However, just like fat-free chocolate and Demi Moore's breasts, the risque skirts are too good to be real.

On Feb. 15 -- a day before the Queensland story went to press -- leading hoax authority exposed the alleged trend as a fabrication. Snopes said: "We have yet to find a Japanese source ... containing information about -- or even mention of -- these supposed 'see-through' skirts. ... In all the example photographs provided ... the images of the panties line up perfectly with the actual positioning of the skirt-wearers' derrieres and legs, indicating at the very least that these pictures were very carefully posed,"

A week later, trendwatcher Japanese Streets issued its own statement distancing Tokyo from the see-through skirt claims. "These kinds of doctored images are actually quite common in Japan's cheaper porn magazines," says Kjeld Duits, a photojournalist based in Japan. "Some people write (me) to ask if the trend really exists, but most seem to believe it right off the bat."

Duits tells ed that Japanese people are dumbfounded that anyone could believe the supposed trend is genuine. And yet, he has lost count of the number of Westerners who have taken the bait.

"I think this is a wake-up call for us to pay more attention to other cultures," he says. "If we can so easily and so overwhelmingly be fooled by an innocent hoax like this one, just imagine what's possible if someone has evil intentions."

Black swan:
toliko volim Japan da ću uskoro promijeniti svoj nik name


--- Quote from: "Morticia" ---
--- Quote from: "iNCUBUs" ---Video sam ovo, to je samo stampa na suknjama, nisu stvarno providne :)
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Je l' se ti salis ili si ozbiljan?
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Oto ti je odgovorio umesto mene :)

Hvala obojici na demistifikaciji cudnovate pojave!  :lol:
Moram priznati da sam na pocetku gledala na celu stvar kao salu ali, stoji i cinjenica da je savremena japanska ulicna moda stvarno one of a kind i sve je moguce.
Zagledala sam ivice donjeg vesa i bila sam potpuno u fazonu da, to je to, realna fotka.
Eto, ipak sala.
Dobra fora.  :twisted:


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