E sad više nema zajebavanja! Tatko se vratio. Kreće AVATAR

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Dobro je da se već jednom iskobeljao iz vode. Trebalo mu je skoro 10 godina...

James Cameron, Arnold friend and movie director, has just announced not only will he get back into the director chair for AVATAR but he is also considering Schwarzenegger for a new Sci-fi role a few years down the road!

Several fans, including Shannon, wrote TheArnoldFans and informed us of a "Saturn 3" remake!

Shannon writes: Hi Arnold Fans, Wasssssup!? Ypu probably already heard, but on KISS-FM with odm tonight they mentioned that Cameron - while tanking on about "Avatar" and how the script is apparently terrific - also has plans to produce a remake of the Kirk Douglas movie, "Saturn 3" and possibly have 'The Old Governator' (direct quote) play the robot.

Biehn To Join Avatar?
Date: January 14, 2007

By: Kellvin Chavez
Source: 'M'

A few days ago it was announced that James Cameron’s “AVATAR” will begin principal photography in April 2007. This will be Cameron’s first feature since “Titanic.”

Cameron has already chosen the young Australian Sam Worthington and Latina Zoe Saldana (The Terminal, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl)  to play the lead roles in the film.  Both actors have signed on for possible future installments as well, as AVATAR is conceived as a potential franchise.

Today scooper ‘M’ tells us that another actor, whom James Cameron has worked with before is about to join the production of AVATAR.  

Here is what ‘M’ tells us:

Just a quick note fellas.

Word from Gentle Giant Studios - the v/sfx firm - is that Michael Biehn is about to join the production of Jim Cameron's "Avatar".

And though the film is due 2009, it mightn't be done till 2010 - or so the team thinks.

Script is terrific though - I swear you will get goose bumps when they arrive on the planet - so it'll be a worthwhile wait.

(My boyfriend is a designer at the company).

Keep flying the flag for the Latinos!


So will Michael Biehn join the cast….We’ll keep you posted.

Super za AVATAR! Još samo da dočekamo 2008. godinu i eto nama zabave.


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