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USA "Dream Team" sucks ass

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eric cartman:
Pukose Spanci .

Mica Milovanovic:
Jebeš ovakav sistem takmičenja...

...'ey R nuthin' but the team... maybe just a wild dream...  :D

...jos laksa zadaca za loosere iz Lietuve... lenje protuve... njihova pobeda od 20 razlike protiv Kine je ravna samoubistvu... ja prognozirao barem 30!  :lol:

--- Quote from: "Blow Job Team" ---'Dream Team' Out of Gold Race After Loss to Argentina

ATHENS (Reuters) - Argentina upset three-times defending champions the United States 89-81 in their semi-final at the men's Olympic basketball Friday.

The loss means the Americans will not play for the gold medal for the first time since 1988. The NBA began sending players to the Games in 1992, and the U.S. went undefeated the following three Olympics. But they lost two games in the preliminary round in Athens and struggled to win in others.
--- End quote ---

Today Alan Ford and Dylan Dog was stronger  :(  :cry:


--- Quote from: "Kojak (u ruke), a (u mozak) Koslab" ---Today Alan Ford and Dylan Dog was stronger  :(  :cry:
--- End quote ---

...maybe WERE is more appropriate...  :D ...don't worry, be happy... till (premature) death you'll improve your tarzan english...  :?


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