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Mehmete, reaguj!

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Meho Krljic:
Da, video sam tu vest na Yahoo-u pre par dana. Užasi socijalne države...

Komšije će da me biju
Zbog preglasnog rokenrola
Pominju mi familiju
Teraju me dođavola

Kad je metal u pitanju, odobravam, наравно. (И тата би сине)

Него, постоји ли негде zakon по којем се исплаћује надокнада и  остварује право на beneficirani радни staz osobama koje su primorane da u toku radnog vremena slusaju neku tulidzu i sl. ???

>> Sebastian back! <<
        From hair metal to Broadway

    Bono could do something popular for once.
    Hair metal legend Sebastian Bach wants to
    star in Spider-Man, the musical that Bono
    and The Edge are writing. Please make it happen!

    Bach told an Australian journalist he wants in.
    "They want a dude in his late 30s for the Green
    Goblin and you will not find anyone who will
    be more evil and Satanic and kick Spider-Man's
    ass all over the fuckin' stage! I guarantee you
    I'm the only actor who'll try out for that who
    owns Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance
    of Spider-Man. I have it under lock and key
    and it's worth a coupla hundred grand. I've
    collected Marvel comics ever since I was little.
    I love it and I want that role."


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