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Pre 2 dana sam čitao nešto o o mom omiljenom režiseru, Richardu Stanleyu, koji otkako mu je smrad Val Kilmer uništio karijeru nije snimio igrani film.
Ali zato jeste dokumentarce, za koje bih dao MNOGO da nekako nabavim.
Jedan je WHITE DARKNESS, o Vuduu, a naslov drugog mi trenutno nije u pameti, ali je slične tematike...

A sad, OVO: vest da još 1 od najdražih mi filmmejkera radi dokumentarac o temi koja me, po sebi, preterano i ne zanima, ali NJEGOV film o tome ću sigurno da dam sve od sebe da pogledam.

Here's the news:

Herzog's epic quest for camera shy Nessie


THE legend is about to take on the monster. Eccentric German film-maker Werner Herzog will shortly arrive in Scotland to pursue one of the world’s most elusive creatures.

Herzog, widely regarded as one of the greatest film-makers alive because of his painstaking attention to detail, has become fascinated by the myth of the Loch Ness monster.

He now intends to make the definitive documentary on Nessie for cinema release around the world. Friends say he has been obsessively collecting research material in advance of his trip to the Highlands next month.

The Enigma of Loch Ness seems certain to be unlike any previous documentary on the subject. Herzog has often blurred the lines between drama and documentary, most notably in his epic Fitzcarraldo, for which he employed 500 Indians to haul a steamship up a mountain from one part of a drought-stricken Amazonian river to another, and which spawned a memorable documentary about the film’s creation. Many of his dramas have been true stories, while his documentaries have included dramatic re-enactments.

This one will be no exception. Herzog, 60, intends to investigate the origins of the legend and take to the water himself to see what he might find. He has also ordered the building of the back end of a sunken boat for one sequence, and may require extras for dramatic sequences.

In an exclusive interview with Scotland on Sunday, Herzog said: "It’s more than just the Loch Ness Monster. I’m just fascinated about some other Scottish things. It should also include landscapes, like the island of Skye and the Old Man of Storr. It’s not so much the so-called monster that’s important in this, it’s more the question why is it that we need a monster."

Asked what ‘angle’ he will take on Nessie, Herzog replied: "It’s too early to say. There’s something about Scottish culture and Celtic culture that plays a part in all this.

"I believe some of the megalithic monuments in Scotland are of great importance. We will be looking at prehistoric things, landscapes, real people, whom I like."

He will not, however, be doing a mock-up of the monster and says it will only appear in his film if he comes across the real thing.

"It would be wonderful if I found it and got it on film. I wouldn’t have to work in my life any more. Even better than getting it on film would be capturing it and having it as an exhibit at San Diego Sea World and charge a 50 bucks entrance fee."

Herzog has visited Scotland several times before, but not for about 10 years. He has come to Scotland in the past for tranquillity and inspiration, when writing, and first came as a teenager. "I was about 17 or 18. I ran away from school, lived in Manchester, grabbed a car and drove north. I grew up in the mountains of Bavaria. Scotland is very close. I feel at home there."

He has collected various Scottish items such as music, poetry - particularly Burns - and "landscapes that I carry in my heart".

He added: "I really love certain parts of Scotland. The area between Inverness and Ullapool is incredible, and some of the Hebrides.

"I just love these places, and best of all are the people. I’m just after real stout Scotsmen. Maybe I’m going to roam about and go to some Highland Games - even though I have no idea what the connection is with the Loch Ness Monster."

Herzog’s apparent vagueness on his subject matter makes it likely an air of mystery will surround the film until its premiere - probably some time next year.

To muddy waters further, there is going to be a second documentary shooting simultaneously. It is called Herzog in Wonderland and will be a film about Herzog making his film.

Trish Shorthouse of the Scottish Highlands and Islands Film Commission, said: "I get the impression that some of the crew aren’t even sure what is going to happen. This is very much Herzog’s baby."

Local businesses are already looking forward to the boost to business that Herzog will bring both during and after film production.

"It’s probably one of the most important events that’s happened in the Scottish film industry for a long time as far as world-recognised names go," said Willie Cameron of Loch Ness Marketing, a locations and film facilities company involved in the project.

"The last time must have been Mel Gibson coming to make Braveheart."

The film could also lift a tourist industry struggling in the wake of recent international events. "It would certainly drum up business," said Ray Bernardi, of the Original Loch Ness Monster Exhibition Centre at Drumnadrochit. "It’s been very quiet this year, probably the worst I’ve known it."

Documentary film-makers have been in pursuit of Nessie ever since the first recorded sighting in 1932. All have failed to find proof of the monster’s existence.

Nessie even failed to bow to Hollywood, declining to put in an appearance for the 1995 film Loch Ness, starring the American actor Ted Danson and Joely Richardson, which sank without trace at the box office.

Naturalist Adrian Shine says there have been dozens of documentaries since he began work at Loch Ness in the late 1970s, with satellite and cable channels leading to an increase in recent years.

Inevitably, many end up going over the same material, "But Herzog will bring a fresh perspective to the subject," Shine said. "At least that’s what I’m hoping."

Da li ste vi gledali ili imate neki pomena vredan film na ove teme?
Iako je 97,6 % toga utter bullshit, neki od njih, ako se naprave kako treba, umeju da budu jeziviji od bilo kog horor filma.

Uostalom, jedina knjiga  životu mome koja me je ikada uplašila, i to baš onako pošteno, bila je NAJVEĆE SVETSKE SABLASTI I DUHOVI  (iz sadašnje perspektive gledano, to je senzacionalistička i površna knjiga, ali sadrži prepričane neke užasno jezive 'anegdote', i kad sam je čitao sa svojih 13-ak godina uživao sam u stravi kao nigde!)

Inače, Richard Stanley je suvi suvcati genije, što je blatantno jasno svakome ko iole ima ukusa a gledao je filmove HARDWARE & DUST DEVIL, kao i svakome ko je čitao neki intervju s njim (postoji najmanje 1 online, pa prosurfujte malo, odličan je, a ja imam i ogroman, rastegnut kroz 2 FANGORIJE, totalno srceparajući, o srcu-plakajućim okolnostima koje su umesto nastanka remek dela ISLAND OF DR MOREAU, proslavljivanja Stanleyevog imena i menjanja lica horor žanra u dijametralno suprotnom pravcu od onog koje je doneo SCREAM godinu-dve kasnije, dovele do izbacivanja Stanleya sa snimanja, draaastičnog menjanja scenarija i snimanja očajno imbecilne verzije MOREAU-a, te uništenja karijere najtalentovanijeg horor režisera koji je debitovao u 90-im...).

But, back to the topic:
detalji o njegovim dokumentarcima:

Secret Glory, The (2001)
Plot Outline: The story of SS officer Otto Rahn and his search for the Holy Grail.
90 min.

(Nacisti... + Okultizam... + Stanley...= PURE JOY!)

White Darkness, The (2002)
Plot Outline: Voodoo in modern-day Haiti.
52 MIN.
(As simple as this: I’d kill to get this!)

Voice of the Moon (1990)
Plot Outline: An experimental documentary on the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. (Pored toga što istražuje veze CIAe i talibana mnogo pre što je Bin Laden ikome išta značio, ovaj film se bavi i folklornim/okultnim delatnostima tamošnjeg življa...)

gledao sam 2 apsolutno totalno i neopisivo genijalna dokumentarca:

GRIZZLY MAN, by Werner Herzog (****)
savršen spoj 'junaka' i režisera, stvarnost bogatija i fascinantnija od fikcije, prosto zadivljujuće šta sve kamera može da uhvati i otkrije (često nevezano za namere onog ko snima), 97 minuta filma koji je po svemu jednak najboljim Herzogovim igranim filmovima – sa tim plusom da je sve to STVARNO (pa time još teže poverovati svojim očima i ušima)! U emotivnom i inetelktualnom smislu, kao i u pogledu SASPENSA i totalno visceralnog dejstva – ovo se ne može meriti sa igranim filmovima!

PARADISE LOST: The Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills (****)
ovo traje 2,5 sata, a nijednog trena se ne oseti – štaviše, po završetku – hteo sam još! Britalno ubistvo 3 deteta, nabrzinu optuže i sumnjivo osude tri tinejdžera (najveći dokaz: to što je jedan od njih, sa IQ 72, 'priznao' pod policijskom presijom, i što je jedini bistar među njima slušao Metaliku i čitao knjige o okultizmu), proces, sa svim detaljima, izjavama roditelja, prijatelja, i samih optuženih.... neopisivo! Film optužuje sudski sistem Amerike i savršeno oslikava zatucanost američke provincije (južnjaci!) – mnogo toga je nejasno, baš kao u jednako fascinantnom filmu Capturing the Friedmans (vidi topic i baš zato što misterija ostaje, ovo je sasvim nailbiting i neuporedivo sa bilo kojim igranim filmom slične tematike.

Totalna preporuka za oba ova filma!

treba svakako dodati još jedan fantastičan Herzogov dokumentarac
a gotovo jednako dobar je (i isto Herzogov)

budući da za 4 godine, koliko postoji ovaj topik, niko nije imao šta da doda ili oduzme mojim usamljenim pokušajima promocije nekih odličnih dokumentaraca, verovatno bi bilo izlišno da pričam zašto vredi gledati BORN INTO BROTHELS - CALCUTTA'S RED LIGHT KIDS.

ko zna – znaće…

ps: hvala romelu na vaskrsenju, ipak.


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